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July 05, 2016

Her Story | Meet Ms. Mansi Agarwal

A journey of a women entrepreneur pursuing her dreams and ideas comes with its own twists, turns, ups, downs and a frustrating feeling of giving up. But ultimately she never gives up.

Such is a story of Mansi Agrawal, the owner of a niche brand Sassy Banno who with her exclusive designs and dedication to work has taken her brand to great heights in no time.

Always wanting to wear a stand out garment, Mansi, a graduate from NIFT, was motivated to wear her own designs. She followed her instincts, and her subject knowledge led her inherent style to eventually become a label Sassy Banno.

The name of her brand is as unique and exclusive as her designs. Her love for her work reflects in the name of her brand which in literal sense means a girl being lively, bold, mischievous and full of spirit.

But things were not all hunky dory for her. The pressure of not being able to please a client fully took a toll on her. ‘I was at my lowest in the initial 6 months of starting my business because I used to go to my workshop and come home empty handed. Not enough clients or orders. I went around the country to multi-designer stores asking them to keep my pieces but being a newcomer no one was convinced. Yes, I felt dejected and upset but all the time that I had, I kept on making new designs and unique styles and I kept experimenting. ‘

Her break-through mentally and professionally was when she participated in The W-Trunk Exhibition. 
She displayed all her designs and styles and they were appreciated and loved by everyone. The most rewarding moment for her was when one of her designs got exceptionally popular. ‘’ One of my dresses was so well-liked that I got 30 orders for the same dress in the exhibition and my tailor is sewing the 58th one as we speak.’’

But with huge success comes huge responsibility and you have to make tonnes of compromises to reach that level. Mansi being newly married too had to make compromises in her life to push her brand ahead. ‘ At times my husband is enjoying weekends at home and I am at my workshop working. One needs to sacrifice a lot of herself in the journey of a start up and seeing yourself as an established brand’ says Mansi.

And she feels her compromises got paid off when her brand was associated with the great musical duo 'Salim-Sulaiman'. ‘I gifted them a jacket and Salim wore it to the concert. He expressed his happiness in front of my parents, in laws, some friends and thousands of people. I felt my work had paid off.’

With all the struggle and complications she has faced through her journey Mansi has one thing to share with all the other aspiring talented women out there:

''Follow your passion, make your own Designs, learn the power of convincing and let patience sail your boat to success.''

Way to go girl!


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